Earn $5 on each referral with Kokoafone!

The more you refer, the more you earn!


How to start earning

Step 1: Create your referral account
Click on SIGN UP to register as a marketer on the referral program platform and get access to your dashboard, your referral link/code and information about your referral efforts, successful signups and earnings. Ensure to enter your account details in the settings to get your monthly payment.

Step 2: Share your referral link/code
Go to your profile to get your referral link/code. Copy and share to your contacts.

Step 3: Get rewarded
When customers use your referral link/code to subscribe successfully, you earn money on every first customer subscription.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Kokoafone Referral Program work?
The referral program allows you to earn $5 on every first successful sign up you initiated, that is why we have provided you with a referral link/code (when you signup as a marketer) to make it very easy for your customer to be linked with you so you can earn money when they sign up.

Who qualifies for this program?
We made this program for you and everyone. It is a way we give back to society by allowing you to earn a percentage of our subscription fee. You can refer people via any communication platform you own i.e. phone contacts, email, social media platforms to increase your chances of reaching more people and earning more.

When can I withdraw my money?
We pay every subscribed marketer their earnings monthly by calculating your earnings for the month and pay your reward into your specified bank account.

How do I get started?
Click on the SIGN-UP icon to register as a marketer on the Kokoafone referral program. Fill in the right details required of you. Copy and share your referral link/code to your contact to start earning money. Don't forget to enter your bank account details for payment.

What should I do if a customer sign-up fails?
If customer signup fails, kindly contact us by clicking on help or send us a message to support@kokoafone. We'll take it from there.